Worm Jerky - Feb 8, 2023

Worm Jerky! Say it out loud. Now take a breath. Now say your middle name slowly. Keeeeeevvvvinnn. Now let's listen to some indie folk rock (and other genres too but plenty of indie folk rock), journal, talk about our feelings, and ease into our days. Did you do any of that? It's cool if you didn't.

Worm Jerky cover

How Deep Is Your Love

Bee Gees

To Violet

Adrianne Lenker

To Violet by Adrianne Lenker


Big Thief

Wolf by Big Thief


Big Thief

Contact by Big Thief

Bushel Hyde

Jessica Pratt

Bushel Hyde by Jessica Pratt

The Field Code


The Field Code by Brokeback

Returns To The Orange Grove


Returns To The Orange Grove by Brokeback

Being Harsh (Oklou Remix)

A. G. Cook, Oklou

Quite Like You

Andy Shauf

Quite Like You by Andy Shauf

On Jet Lag


On Jet Lag by Pinegrove


Dino Gala

owlz by Dino Gala

Worth It

Haley Heynderickx

Worth It by Haley Heynderickx



DARE by Gorillaz