WOW (word of [the] week) - Apr 27, 2023

Each week, WOW’s wildly attractive hosts (made even more alluring by the elusiveness of live radio) curate a playlist of songs each containing our chosen “word of the week.” Should the show lack interest at any point, the intense chemistry between the cohosts and their exceptionally witty dialogue will compensate for any shortcomings. The underlying forbidden-love-between-cohosts narrative plays into listeners’ subconscious need to follow the storyline until a resolution is reached. WOW is, at its core, a story of romance… and rebellion. Most esteemed listeners, rouse yourselves for season two!!

WOW (word of [the] week) cover

The Song Is Familiar


The Song Is Familiar by Funkadelic

The Child Is Gone

Fiona Apple

The Child Is Gone by Fiona Apple

So Good at Being in Trouble

Unknown Mortal Orchestra

So Good at Being in Trouble by Unknown Mortal Orchestra


Blood Orange

E.V.P. by Blood Orange

After You've Gone

Dinah Washington

After You've Gone by Dinah Washington

Say Hallelujah

Tracy Chapman

Say Hallelujah by Tracy Chapman

Miss Misery

Elliott Smith

After You've Gone (Remastered 2022)

Django Reinhardt

Like a Star

Mike Krol

Like a Star by Mike Krol



Crosshairs by DANGERDOOM, MF DOOM & Danger Mouse

ナイトクルージング - Live


ナイトクルージング - Live by Fishmans