Del Water Gap’s self-titled debut is beautiful and frank

    Del Water Gap Del Water Gap Mom+Pop · October 8, 2021 Brooklyn-based songwriter S. Holden Jaffe has been releasing singles and EPs for years under the name Del Water Gap. With all of his previous releases, it’s easy to forget that his latest release, the eponymous Del Water Gap, is also the artist’s first full-length […]

    LLVX’s Eyes is an intense exploration of identity

    LLVX Eyes LLVX · September 24, 2021 With their sophomore release Eyes, LLVX takes a deeper dive into musical exploration and personal struggle. The New York/Boston-based artist has already demonstrated their music production prowess in the Ball EP, but Eyes, released September 24, takes LLVX’s discography to an entirely new standard. The album is painstakingly […]

    Q&A: Jesse Liam Gauthier discusses his love of music and performance

    Jesse Liam Gauthier is a professional singer/songwriter based in Rhode Island. His father, Jack Gauthier, is a Grammy-nominated music engineer. Together, the two musicians create a lively and communal atmosphere through their father-son harmonies. On tour in New England, they are also joined by drummer Michael DeQuattro, a Boston Conservatory alumnus. Catch the Jesse Liam […]

    Tōth’s ‘You and Me and Everything’ is a lovely kind of awkward

    Tōth You and Me and Everything Northern Spy · April 30, 2021 With the release of You and Me and Everything, Alex Toth, or Tōth, leans into his deliberately awkward style. Overall, the album has a borderline playful sound, with fun twists on vocal range, quirky instrumentation, and down-to-earth lyrics. The most effective songs on […]

    Fog Lake’s ‘Tragedy Reel’ is a poetic expression of nostalgia

    Fog Lake Tragedy Reel Orchid Tapes · April 23, 2021 Under the name Fog Lake, Aaron Powell has released a vast discography of nostalgic and sorrowful lo-fi music. With the latest Fog Lake release, Tragedy Reel, Powell continues to deliver songs that are distinctly melancholy and poetic. Although he sticks to his signature sound, he […]

    Flyte’s ‘This Is Really Going To Hurt’ really does hurt

    Flyte This Is Really Going To Hurt Island · April 9, 2021 After moving base from London to LA, Flyte have returned with an album that excels in portraying quiet heartbreak. This Is Really Going To Hurt puts much of its focus on the idea of the end of a long-term relationship. The depth of […]

    Wye Oak’s collaborative EP ‘No Horizon’ is refreshing and creative

    Wye Oak No Horizon Merge · July 31, 2020 Wye Oak has had no problem diversifying their sound in the past, but the No Horizon EP takes an even more unexpected – and gratifying – direction. The entire EP was recorded in collaboration with the Brooklyn Youth Chorus, and this partnership gives the project a […]

    Photay’s ‘On Hold’ is at times disappointing, but thoughtful at the core

    Photay On Hold Mexican Summer · March 5, 2021 Photay’s latest release, On Hold, has rewarding moments but doesn’t quite come together as a coherent album. On Hold falls under the ambient genre, something which is made clear from the very beginning with the first track, “Prelude in MHz,” which consists solely of one tone. […]

    ‘Magic Oneohtrix Point Never’ is mostly successful with its experimentation

    Oneohtrix Point Never Magic Oneohtrix Point Never Warp Records · October 30, 2020 Brooklyn-based Daniel Lopatin, or Oneohtrix Point Never, has a distinct sound, owing to the diverse and unpredictable instrumentation he uses in his music. This exploratory style is continued in his latest album, Magic Oneohtrix Point Never, released on October 30th. The album […]

    Paradise Cinema’s first LP is immersive and dreamlike

    Paradise Cinema Paradise Cinema Gondwana Records · October 9, 2020 Jack Wyllie, under the moniker Paradise Cinema, released his first full-length album. The eight-track album was recorded in Dakar, Senegal, and offers a taste of the thriving music scene there. Specifically, the album hints at the mbalax dance music of Senegal and Gambia. This genre originated […]

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