Cavetown’s worm food is a breakthrough 

    Cavetown worm food Sire Records · November 4, 2022 In 2017, Cavetown aired his first livestream on Youtube. Amongst a bright lava lamp on his nightstand and posters behind him on the wall, he answered questions and performed songs for his fans. “Hello? Is this working?” the singer-songwriter-producer asked, looking for a response in the […]

    Kelsey Blackstone shines on her latest single “Alice”

    “Alice” immediately engages listeners with its uplifting sound – chirping birds and bright guitar melodies that fill a room. Kelsey Blackstone is well on her way to achieving unimaginable heights in her career as a singer-songwriter, and she’s determined to not back down from the spotlight. From performing with a full band to co-founding the […]

    chrysalis’ margarita sugar is an astounding debut EP

    chrysalis margarita sugar Music By Chrysalis · March 19, 2022 It’s a distinctive, yet uncommon skill to be able to sing powerfully polished on a recording and on stage, but that’s exactly what Isa Ansin, professionally known as chrysalis, does. In fact, pressing play on any of their songs is nothing short of hearing them […]

    Claud exudes pure authenticity at Brighton Music Hall

    Claud March 27, 2022 at Brighton Music Hall As a fan with dyed fuchsia hair eagerly reapplied their lipstick in the reflection of a restaurant window neighboring the Brighton Music Hall, there was an undeniable sense of excitement the crowd felt about Claud’s second-to-last show of their first headlining tour. The Super Monster Tour, which will […]

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