Kelela wins over the dance floor with new album Raven

    Kelela Raven Warp Records · February 10, 2023 With the popularity of rave culture re-emerging since its heyday, new viral dance hits have also gone mainstream. To find the hidden gems, some nightlife enthusiasts embrace spaces that replay the eclectic, avant-garde tracks celebrating identity. At the moment, recent success from Ethiopian-American singer-songwriter, Kelela, highlights the […]

    Stormzy pours his heart out on This Is What I Mean

    Stormzy This Is What I Mean 0207 Def Jam / Interscope · November 25, 2022 Stormzy isn’t the only rapper who’s at the forefront of UK grime, but he sure is claiming his space within the genre in more ways than one. Following his surprise single “Mel Made Me Do It,” he made a well […]

    Cavetown’s worm food is a breakthrough 

    Cavetown worm food Sire Records · November 4, 2022 In 2017, Cavetown aired his first livestream on Youtube. Amongst a bright lava lamp on his nightstand and posters behind him on the wall, he answered questions and performed songs for his fans. “Hello? Is this working?” the singer-songwriter-producer asked, looking for a response in the […]

    Kelsey Blackstone shines on her latest single “Alice”

    “Alice” immediately engages listeners with its uplifting sound – chirping birds and bright guitar melodies that fill a room. Kelsey Blackstone is well on her way to achieving unimaginable heights in her career as a singer-songwriter, and she’s determined to not back down from the spotlight. From performing with a full band to co-founding the […]

    chrysalis’ margarita sugar is an astounding debut EP

    chrysalis margarita sugar Music By Chrysalis · March 19, 2022 It’s a distinctive, yet uncommon skill to be able to sing powerfully polished on a recording and on stage, but that’s exactly what Isa Ansin, professionally known as chrysalis, does. In fact, pressing play on any of their songs is nothing short of hearing them […]

    Claud exudes pure authenticity at Brighton Music Hall

    Claud March 27, 2022 at Brighton Music Hall As a fan with dyed fuchsia hair eagerly reapplied their lipstick in the reflection of a restaurant window neighboring the Brighton Music Hall, there was an undeniable sense of excitement the crowd felt about Claud’s second-to-last show of their first headlining tour. The Super Monster Tour, which will […]

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