Polo G is actually good

    I started hearing the chants of “Piano G” outside my window as soon as I conceived of my idea for this article. At that time, they were a faint whisper. Now, as I write these opening sentences, their sound is deafening. The haters have arrived at my doorstep, and my time is limited. Hear me […]

    Drake overshadows 21 Savage on Her Loss

    Drake & 21 Savage Her Loss OVO Sound, Republic Records, & Slaughter Gang · November 4, 2022 Before I listened to the album for the first time, I saw a tweet that read: “This album feels like 79% Drake, 21% Savage.” Although it was a bit exaggerated (the ratio is more like 65%-35%) Her Loss […]

    Bladee is actually good.

    When I first heard Bladee, I laughed. He was trash. How could anyone want to listen to this random Swedish guy’s low-effort, autotune-heavy, weak excuse for music? I was completely against the idea of listening to “Be Nice 2 Me” again, much less becoming a “drainer.” Yet, on one late night last year, I was […]

    Q&A: Armand Hammer talk after a stellar Common Cents performance

    The hip-hop duo Armand Hammer, made up of rappers Elucid (styled E L U C I D) and Billy Woods make bold, captivating, and thought-provoking music and are on the forefront of the New York underground scene. WRBB’s Ben Gardner and Temi Akinyoade sat down with them to discuss working with the Alchemist, their influences, […]

    RUFFS has its moments but feels repetitive at times

    Kenny Mason RUFFS RCA Records · September 28, 2022 I first learned about Kenny Mason from an Instagram post by the hip-hop account @fantastichiphop_ titled “Predicting Every Album of the Year For The Rest Of The 2020s.” I knew most of the artists mentioned in the list, and the poster played it pretty safe, predicting […]

    JID goes above and beyond expectations on The Forever Story

    JID The Forever Story Dreamville & Interscope Records  • August 26, 2022 JID is one of the most talented rappers out right now. Period. From a technical standpoint, he can spit on par with legends of this generation such as Kendrick Lamar and Lil Wayne (just watch his XXL Freshman cypher). He crafts creative, smooth, […]

    Fivio Foreign’s attempt to take drill into the mainstream disappoints

    Fivio Foreign B.I.B.L.E. RichFish / Columbia · April 8, 2022 New York drill is one of the most popular sounds in modern rap right now. It’s characterized by pulsating basslines, slower tempos than conventional trap, and rapid-fire bars. The subgenre emerged in Brooklyn in the past few years and was spearheaded by an array of […]

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