Life Before the Haircut

Aired May 2023 to Nov 2023

It's summertime, baby! That means that in addition to the temperatures rising, my playlists are also getting hotter... After successfully proving that size doesn't matter and surviving the pollen storm of Spring (I am a deeply allergic individual), I have decided to sit back, relax, and give you the best darn radio show that you've ever heard. Every show will adhere strictly to the following template: 15% funky, 20% silly, 2% spontaneous, 18% wacky, 10% groovy, 15% dangerous, and 20% life-before-the-haircut-tastic. If I play a song you like, you're in luck! If I play a song you hate, you're also in luck! Here on "Life Before the Haircut," every episode's theme might be completely different than the last! Tune in to hear bangers and bops from the shabloobiest, kerclompiest, and zoobytoobliest variety of artists!

Life Before the Haircut cover